American Mythology and the creators of the B-Movie extravaganza comic series, Starring Sonya Devereaux, would like to give all our loyal fans a free digital edition of the first issue! It's our way of thanking you for your support and in giving everyone something to enjoy while we get through this situation together. 


To get your FREE DIGITAL COPY OF STARRING SONYA DEVEREAUX #1 simply click on the link below, put the digital issue in your cart, and use the coupon code:  FreeSonya.  Its that simple!  It's is our way of thanking you for your continued support of our comics and to hopefully spread a little joy.  Please note: Starring Sonya Devereaux is a mature readers series.

From the Authors:

From the multi award-winning authors Todd Livingston & Nick Capetanakis:


Everybody can use a little laughter and beauty right now, so we’ve decided to share the first issue of Starring Sonya Devereaux with you for freesies.  We hope that these beautiful images created by Brendon & Brian Fraim (colored by Jordan Boyd) and slightly above-par writing will distract and entertain you for 30 minutes or so and bring some joy into your hopefully self-quarantined life.  Seriously – stay at home. This doesn’t mean invite friends & family over. Geez Louise.

About the book: “Starring Sonya Devereaux” is an affectionate parody of low-to-no-budget movies; the kind that are shot on weekends and are lucky to go straight to DVD & streaming.  Each issue features a different movie.  This one is about Satan posing as a corporate CEO, using voodoo to make zombies. There is also a nude modeling agency.

Sonya herself is a self-absorbed scream queen who happily accepts every role she’s offered, no matter how lousy or how much she’s paid (her bills are taken care of by her alimony from her ex-husband, leaving her to focus solely on her narcissism).

We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your thoughts!

Todd & Nick

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