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Witch Hammer #3 Sparacio FOC Rare Retailer Var Cvr

(W) Mark Sparacio

(A/CA) Mark Sparacio


Things in Greenwich Village NYC are about to get a whole LOT worse as Himmler's spies,
the Beaulieu's, have discovered what may be a portal to hell. Himmler and Goebbels
discuss plans for a meeting with "a woman with unearthly abilities". The Demon-Lord Astaroth and a cadre of demons continue to wreak bloody havoc on Witch Hammer and the Patrolmen of the 9th Precinct in Washington Square Park. The strange vision-filled life of Charlie Kramer continues. Who is the Guardian of the blessed/cursed book, The Malleus Maleficarum, the authoritative tome that instructs how to hunt and kill demons, monsters ... and witches? And finally, meet the demon known as Black Betty. Trust us, you don't want to disappoint her!


Available in March

Witch Hammer #3 Sparacio FOC Rare Retailer Var Cvr

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