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Dracula After Man #1 Martinez Main Cvr

(W) Konstantine Paradias

(A) Gerardo Gambone

(CA) Roy Allen Martinez


Mature Readers only

Prepare for the in-your-face horror event of 2024! Vampires have always fed on the lifeblood of innocent victims...but what if there were no sheep left in the stable? After a million-year long slumber, Dracula wakes up to find Earth (and humanity) fundamentally changed and enslaved by a vicious alien species. Faced with this strange new world, the lord of the vampires must adapt to a nightmarish existence...or perish alongside the remnants of the people he fed upon. It's a brand-new nightmare vision of horror that will have you on the edge of your seat!


Available in February

Dracula After Man #1 Martinez Main Cvr

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