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Zorro Sacrilege #2 Martinez Main Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer

(A) Mauricio Melo

(CA) Roy Allen Martinez


Epic western horror comes to the pages of Zorro! Something foul has polluted the very ground the chapel was built upon. Foulest evil overflows in what was the holiest of places driving the worshipers to flee in terror for their very souls. There is no salvation from the foul spirits taking possession of the living. Demons hide in the flesh of innocents and spill the blood of those with no hope. Zorro must find a way to cast out this abomination before the Legion of demons claim his soul as well!  Zorro Sacrilege #2 comes with three covers - Main Cover by Roy Allan Martinez, Dead Rising by interior artist Mauricio Melo, and Limited-Edition Visions of Zorro Cover also by Martinez.


Shipping in June

Zorro Sacrilege #2 Martinez Main Cvr

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