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Zorro Sacrilege #1 Digital PDF

(W) Mike Wolfer

(A) Mauricio Melo

(CA) Michael William Kaluta


The legendary hero, Zorro must face something more terrifying than even the living dead - demonic possession of the innocent! Something evil has festered into the soil itself of a newly constructed canyon community as a wave of demons turn simple farming folk into bloodthirsty vile fiends. Zorro must find a way to end the corruption and send these foul spirits back to the netherworld. Can even the incredible swordsman stand against the blackest of supernatural forces, when that entity has the power to infest the holiest of sites, the mission church itself? Join us for a new brand of horror / adventure that pits a legendary hero against supernatural threats and horrors! 


Zorro Sacrilege #1 Digital PDF

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