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Zorro Black & White Noir #1 Kaluta Main Cvr

(W) S.A. Check, Jordan Gershowitz

(A) Guilherme Raffide, Gerardo Gambone, Alex Toth (CA) Michael William Kaluta


Alex Toth's incredible Zorro art blazed into comics and changed the way we see black & white. His stunning use of negative space and mastery of fluid motion made every panel of his work a piece of art to behold in its glorious inked splendor. Inspired by the master of bold comic art storytelling, American Mythology presents a new Zorro series based on the beauty of black and white storytelling. Two new creative teams provide their Toth-inspired tales for new generations of Zorro readers! And as an added bonus we include an incredible Zorro story from Alex Toth's storied past! Zorro Black & White Noir #1 comes with three covers - Main by the comics legend Michael William Kaluta, Alex Toth Variant, and a stunning Black & White Zorro Photo Cover!


Shipping in August

Zorro Black & White Noir #1 Kaluta Main Cvr

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