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Zorro Black & White Noir #1 Digital PDF Edition

(W) S.A. Check, Jordan Gershowitz

(A) Gordon Purcell, Ev Cantada, Alex Toth

(CA) Michael William Kaluta


This is a Digital PDF download edition.


Alex Toth's incredible Zorro art blazed into comics and changed the way we see black & white. His stunning use of negative space and mastery of fluid motion made every panel of his work a piece of art to behold in its glorious inked splendor. Inspired by the master of bold comic art storytelling, American Mythology presents a new Zorro series based on the beauty of black and white storytelling. Two new creative teams provide their Toth-inspired tales for new generations of Zorro readers! And as an added bonus we include an incredible Zorro story from Alex Toth's storied past!

Zorro Black & White Noir #1 Digital PDF Edition

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