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Witch Hammer #4 Sparacio Rare FOC Retailer Cvr

(W) Mark Sparacio

(A/CA) Mark Sparacio


This special edition was offered to comic shops during the FOC final ordering process - very few copies were placed in stores!


As if the demon invasion led by the Demon-Lord Astaroth weren't bad enough, now everyday
New Yorkers are getting possessed, due to the portal to hell ripped open by the Beaulieu's.
Himmler meets with Germany's most famous clairvoyant, Maria Orsic, who delivers to Himmler telepathic, alien instructions on how to build wonder weapons and ... two dire warnings. The bizarre life of New York City newcomer Charlie Kramer becomes more clear as she meets the apparently harmless bookstore clerk Louise and the cryptic Ping. And Wolfram Sievers, head of the Ahnenerbe, a Nazi paranormal, archaeological branch of the S.S. unearths an ancient Teutonic scroll that can be used to bring forth a ... well ... we don't want to give too much away, so trust us. Witch Hammer! You won't be disappointed!


Available in June

Witch Hammer #4 Sparacio Rare FOC Retailer Cvr

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