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Witch Hammer #1 Ropp Animation Var Cvr

(W) Mark Sparacio

(A) Mark Sparacio

(C) Adrian Ropp


It's 1938. Along with the N.Y. Yankees defending yet another World Series Championship,
Joe Louis defending his Heavy Weight Title and Hitler's Germany annexing Austria, there's a demonic outbreak in Greenwich Village, New York. As a result, hobos are being horrifically slaughtered in Washington Square Park and the local constabulary are not up to the task of stopping the carnage. So as in dark times past, the mysterious Witch Hammer has been called upon to protect the innocent. Follow along on an epic, occult, time spanning action adventure, as Witch Hammer fights a seemingly insurmountable horde of paranormal entities, Nazi spies and sympathizers and meet an intriguing supporting cast of characters, just like the comics you used to love. Come along for the ride, you won't be disappointed!


Available in October

Witch Hammer #1 Ropp Animation Var Cvr

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