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Three Stooges Play Ball #1 Digital PDF Ed

(W) Carl Fallberg

(A) Joe Messerili, Pete Alvarado


This is a digital download item to read on your favorite devices!

The Boys take on America's greatest pastime when Curly Joe is hypnotized into believing he is a major league baseball player!  Its three "nyuks" and your out!  Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!  This issue presents Stooge stories that have been out of print for nearly 60 years!  Everyone could use some classic comedy to brighten your day.  Give The Stooges a chance with this wonderful throwback issue to the days when a man named "Babe" knocked the ball out of the park and didn't even have to poke the Umpire in the eyes to do it!  


Three Stooges Play Ball #1 Digital PDF Ed

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