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The Three Stooges 1959 Trading Card Reissue Box

After nearly 60 years the classic non-sport trading card series THE THREE STOOGES

is back in print. Originally published by Fleer in 1959 the reissue series features 'old school'

reproduction of the series. The retail box of 24 10-card packs includes all 96 different cards, 3 'rare' checklists, 16 different color variations as originally published in the series PLUS randomly inserted chase cards featuring BW high res still of Larry, Moe and Curly, original fanclub 'stamp' art, brand new Faux Scratch 'n Sniff Three Stooges glossies, brand new checklists and more. Each 24-pack box also comes

with 1 of 8 different brilliant metal Stooge Portrait card box toppers (a case of 8 boxes is guaranteed to

contain all 8 different box topper chase cards). Each box is guaranteed at least one complete base set of 96 cards, one complete set of all 3 checklists, and one complete set of all 16 variation cards plus randomly inserted rare chase cards.

The Three Stooges 1959 Trading Card Reissue Box

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