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Starring Sonya Devereaux #1 Main Cvr (MR)

Cover & Art Brendon & Brian Fraim
(W) Todd Livingston, Nick Capetanakis

No budget is too low, no dialog too cheesy, and no plotline too thin to keep Sonya from appearing in these straight to DVD flicks. From horror - to action - to erotic thriller, each issue is a laugh-filled send up of a different genre and movie – but they all have one thing in common: Sonya Devereaux and FUN! Okay, that’s two things. But just like gravy on mashed potatoes is delicious, Sonya in a crappy movie is hilarious!

Now showing: THE NAKED ARE THE DAMNED 2: Satan has possessed a greedy CEO that wants the farm land owned by Camille’s (Sonya Devereaux) family. With the help of a voodoo queen, Camille must use her wits, charm, and skill to defeat a zombie army! Mature Readers.

Shipping in August

Starring Sonya Devereaux #1 Main Cvr (MR)

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