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Stargate Atlantis #3 LaRocque Cover
Cover Greg LaRocque
Writers Mark L. Haynes, J.C. Vaughn

Stargate Atlantis is back with brand new monthly comic book adventures illustrated by artistic legend Greg (The Flash) LaRocque that continue the original mission from the television series! Something has gone desperately wrong and Atlantis’ presence on Earth now presents a threat to the very planet it was assigned to protect. An unexpected danger from the past appears to be orchestrating a devastating event that may very well change the course of history in two galaxies.  This is what you’ve been waiting for! Stargate Atlantis is back with all the drama, excitement, and action you expect! Official Stargate Atlantis comic book stories continue as we fight to get #BackToPegasus!

Available Now!

Stargate Atlantis #3 LaRocque Cover

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