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Stargate Atlantis #1 Kickstarter Pack #2
If you missed out on American Mythology's initial Kickstarter program to help bring Stargate: Atlantis to comics, you can still get in on the action here with the deluxe support package.  This item includes the digital edition of Stargate: Atlantis #1, 2, 3, the exclusive fund raiser print version of Stargate: Atlantis #1 John Sheppard Photo Cover and the Super Rare Jon Pinto Ronon Dex Painted Kickstarter Exclusive print cover!  This item will ship by June 2016 and digital files will be delivered via ComiXology.  The proceeds of this item go directly toward the costs of creating and publishing the new series.  Thank you for helping us to make Stargate: Atlantis: Back to Pegasus a reality in comics!

*International shipping please add $25 for postage

Available Now!

Stargate Atlantis #1 Kickstarter Pack #2

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