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Sonya Devereaux Debutante Desperado #1Digital PDF Edition (MR)

(W) Todd Livingston, Nick Capetanakis

(A/CA) Brian Fraim, Brendon Fraim


This is a digital PDF edition of Starring Sonya Devereaux Debutante Desperado #1. This title is for mature readers.


Starring Sonya Devereaux: Debutante Desperado:  Actors Meredith Salenger, Scott Whyte, and writer/director Eric Spudic co-star with Sonya in a low budget wacky western in which a stagecoach carrying rich college girls to Spring Break get shi-jacked. When the debutantes are held for ransom, the only way for sheltered Prudence Conway Wellington (Sonya Devereaux) to save her friends is to hide in a brothel and operate outside the law!  Join America's favorite B-movie queen, Sonya Devereaux on this raucous escapade through some of the best of the worst in VHS adventures!



Sonya Devereaux Debutante Desperado #1Digital PDF Edition (MR)

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