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Robonic Stooges: Stooge Wars #1 Animation Cel Cvr

(W) S.A. Check

(A) Diego Tapie


Could this be The Robonic Stooges last stand?! The fate of the world hangs in the balance as the mysterious stranger known only as The Overyonder has kidnapped the planet's greatest heroes and deadliest villains to battle for the ultimate prize! Can Moe, Larry, and Curly pull their ragtag team together? Or will the combined forces of Professor Cluck, PoodleMan, Dr. Crackula, and the rest of the Robo-Stooges' legendary rogues gallery prove too much for the boys! Tune in to find out! This is the Robonic Stooges event of the year! The Robonic Stooges Present - Stooge Wars comes with three covers - Main Parody Cover by Eric Shanower, Animation Cel cover, and a 100 copy limited edition Century cover!


Available in August



Robonic Stooges: Stooge Wars #1 Animation Cel Cvr

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