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Pink Panther Surfside Special #1 Ropp Main Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer, S.A. Check

(A) Diego Tapie, Jorge Pacheco

(CA) Adrian Ropp


It's fun in the sun and laughs by the boatload in two all-new tales featuring the Pink Panther and that wild and wily shark, MisterJaw! First, the Pink Panther finds himself a castaway on a deserted, tropical island, but he's soon joined by the Little Man, who also becomes shipwrecked with him. If you know anything about the ongoing feud between Pink and the Little Man, you know that the sparks are going to fly, and the laughs will abound! Then, MisterJaw does his very best to make life miserable for a cocky, nature show host trying to film the latest, deep-sea episode of his television program. This issue also features a classic tale of The Pink Panther, making this the perfect comic to take to the beach for some late summer reading fun!  The Pink Panther Surfside Special comes with three covers - Main Catch a Wave by Adrian Ropp, MisterJaw by Jacob Greenawalt, and a classic Limited Edition Retro Animation cover!  

Shipping in September

Pink Panther Surfside Special #1 Ropp Main Cvr

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