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Pellucidar Wings of Death #3 Martinez Main Cover

(W) Mike Wolfer

(A) Vincenzo Carratu

(CA) Roy Allen Martinez


It's the pulse-pounding conclusion of the epic adventure at the Earth's core! In the underground city of the Mahars, Dian the Beautiful has escaped from captivity, while Tanar and the renegade Vagas from the Earth's moon continue their dangerous incursion into the city in the hope of rescuing Dian and finding the band of reptilian Horibs who seek to seize control of Nazra through the violent overthrow of the Mahars. But the fates of all of them will come to a crashing intersection in the Mahars' inescapable arena filled with rampaging, prehistoric beasts!

Shipping in December

Pellucidar Wings of Death #3 Martinez Main Cover

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