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Oggy & the Cockroaches #2 Digital

(W) S.A. Check, Jordan Gershowitz

(A/CA) Dean Rankine


This is a digital pdf download edition.


The hilarious YouTube sensation arrives in comics! Oggy just wants to lounge on his couch but those wacky cockroaches have designs on turning his life upside down! This issue delivers two new stories - "Unhealthy Competition" in which a trip to the grocery store turns treacherous for Oggy when the Cockroaches arrive for a shopping spree. And in "Culinary Cat-astrophe" Oggy the recipe for aggravation when he tries out for a new TV cooking show. Illustrated by Dean Rankine, these new comic tales deliver non-stop hilarity for Oggy fans worldwide!

Oggy & the Cockroaches #2 Digital

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