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Night of the Living Dead Revenance #2 Digital PDF Edition

(W) S.A. Check, James Kuhoric

(A) Giancarlo Caracuzzo

(CA) Photo


This is a Digital PDF download edition.


The ORIGINAL ZOMBIE flick returns with a BRAND-NEW OFFICIAL COMIC BOOK SERIES! New alliances are formed and relationships are strained as the survivors struggle to find safe passage from the hell on earth unleashed around them. It's the classic horror tale that started it all but with a fresh look of the bloody paths it took Ben, Barbra, and the others to get to that small farm house in the middle of the night. Sometimes, the journey can be just as frightening as what waits for you at the end! It's neighbor versus neighbor and family pitted against each other as the true horror of their savage new world order becomes painfully clear. You think you know the story? Think again, ghoul-friend! You ain't seen this NOTLD yet! The horror index is predicting one bloody good time!

Night of the Living Dead Revenance #2 Digital PDF Edition

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