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Night of the Living Dead Kin #1 Digital PDF Edition

(W) S.A. Check, James Kuhoric

(A) Giancarlo Caracuzzo

(CA) Roy Alan Martinez


This is a Digital PDF download edition.


A brand new tale set in the NOTLD universe! Family is always worth fighting for! Purgatory Hill, West Virginia, April 1968. Something is bringing the dead back to life..Something New - Something Evil - And Something Unspeakably Terrifying! They're coming to get you...again! All 14-year-old Melba Mae ever knew was her small close-knit mountain community who have helped each other to survive, to live off the land, and to keep the outside world at bay for generations. But after the unexpected death and funeral for her favorite uncle, Melba Mae sets out into the hills alone to prove her worth to her family and friends. What she ends up in is a far more deadly game of survival, pitted against the last person she ever imagined would want to harm her! There are fates worse than death!

Night of the Living Dead Kin #1 Digital PDF Edition

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