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Monster Tag Team #1 Century 1/100 Ltd Ed B&W Cvr

(W) Konstantine Paradias

(A) Gerardo Gambone

(CA) Neil Vokes


The RAREST of the RARE!  Only 100 Printed!  Get this CGC graded!


It's a brand-new series in the vein of classic team-ups and two-in-one comics - this is MONSTER TAG TEAM!  Two monsters - one rampaging story - all horror!  In this debut issue called "Wolfe And Bat" - mortal enemies and clashing world powers collide in an over-the-top monster battle royale!  In a Cold War that's gone occult, the international terror organization WARLOCK schemes to destroy human civilization. Faced with this new breed of unstoppable sorcerous criminal, West and Soviet agencies put their two best creatures on the case: Jesse Walker, a CIA-trained werewolf and Vlad Dracul, KGB's top vampire, team up to destroy WARLOCK's chief Magister before he can unleash Fimbulwinter on humanity. This issue comes with four covers - Main by Copper Age legend Neil Vokes, Corpse Crew homage cover by Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser, Painted cover by Mark Sparacio, and a special 100 copy Century limited edition!


Available in April

Monster Tag Team #1 Century 1/100 Ltd Ed B&W Cvr

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