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Monster Men Isle Of Terror #3 Ltd Ed 1/300 Var Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer

(A) Roy Allen Martinez 

(CA)  Mike Wolfer


This edition is limited to just 300 copies printed and is perfect for slabbing with your favorite grading company!


The pulse-pounding conclusion of the sequel to Edgar Rice Burroughs' original novel is here, and if you thought the jungle mayhem could not possibly get more deadly, you were wrong. All hell has broken loose on the island of Professor Maxon with the arrival of Rajah Muda Saffir and his band of headhunting tribesmen, and Townsend Harper, Jr., and Virginia Maxon are caught in the crossfire between the savage attackers and the British soldiers who have revived the horrific experiments of Professor Maxon. But how can our heroes possibly escape when prowling the jungle are the twisted human monsters created by the British, hideous creatures who hunger for the flesh of every one of the island's inhabitants? Alliances shift and secrets are revealed, and what it truly means to be human is explored in this canonical entry into the ERB mythos by writer Mike Wolfer and artist Roy Allan Martinez.  

Shipping in November 

Monster Men Isle Of Terror #3 Ltd Ed 1/300 Var Cvr

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