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Monster Men: Heart of Wrath #3 Digital Edition

(W) Mike Wolfer (A/CA)

Roy Allen Martinez


This is a digital PDF download edition.  


CONTENT:  The first fright-filled The Monster Men mini-series comes to a crashing conclusion! Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic gothic horror/science fiction novel, this canonical sequel reveals terrors that will leave you with nightmares as rugged Townsend Harper, Jr. and beautiful Virginia Maxon face the legacy of her father's mad experiments into the creation of human life in mysterious chemical vats. But the creatures birthed by science are far from human, misshapen and monstrous beasts who hunger for human flesh. As they fight for their lives in the jungles of a secluded island hell, Townsend and Virginia find that their enemies include not only a horde of fiendish creatures, but a detachment of soldiers led by British Army lieutenant Arkwright, who has resumed Professor Maxon's doomed experiments to create his own army of beasts. Only one can possibly save Townsend and Virginia and stop the mad British officer's scheme... the fearsome creature of inhuman strength who answers to the name Number 13! Officially licensed and created with full cooperation of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., The Monster Men: Heart of the Beast is written by Mike Wolfer (Pellucidar, The Land That Time Forgot) and illustrated by Roy Allan Martinez (Eternal Thirst of Dracula, Zorro: Swords of Hell).


Monster Men: Heart of Wrath #3 Digital Edition

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