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Legend Fell #3 Scalf Painted Wraparound Retailer FOC Cvr

(W) S.A. Check

(A) Eliano Marques

(C) Chris Scalf


This is the super rare Chris Scalf painted dragons FOC cover that was offered to comic shop retailers direct!


Dragons, Cyclops, and Demons! The final battle for Shadowrock is here! Legend Fell - Siege Engine - Module 1 brings it all home! Aryl, Jacyn, Sefen, and their friends may have found the only weapon powerful enough to stop Sard from bringing hell to middle earth, but is the solution worse than the problem?! What new terror have they unwittingly unleashed on their home? A young prince's soul hangs in the balance as Sard takes his final form and the band of mismatched adventurers race to the final clash, one they won't all survive! It's Sword & Sorcery - the American Mythology way! You better bring your battle axe along - looks like this one's gonna get bloody!


Shipping in October

Legend Fell #3 Scalf Painted Wraparound Retailer FOC Cvr

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