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Legend Fell #2 Parsons Homage Cvr

(W) S.A. Check

(A) Eliano Marques

(C) Dan Parsons


Module 1: Siege Engine continues as the battle rages on in the mountains high above the kingdom of Shadowrock, as disgraced freelancer, Jacyn, and his band of misfit warriors battle the dark forces of Sard and his legions of the undead. Can the group find the legendary Dragonsbane - the one weapon powerful enough to stop the demon-lord from rising again, or will Kabel complete his evil scheme to use Prince Edwin as a conduit to bring an unstoppable evil to their world? If the Maze of Madness doesn't kill our heroes, what waits at the end surely will. It's monsters, mayhem, and magic - the American Mythology way from the days when multi-sided adventure reigned supreme!


Shipping in July

Legend Fell #2 Parsons Homage Cvr

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