Kickstarter $99 Package Mark of Zorro: 100 Years of the Masked Avenger Art Book

Pledge $99 or more Deluxe Collector's Ed The Mark of Zorro: 100 Years of the Masked Avenger Ltd Foil Die Cut Cvr +8 American Mythology Zorro Rare Print Comics!


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A plethora of Zorro goodness! Give the ultimate Zorro gift package - The Deluxe Collector's Edition The Mark of Zorro: 100 Years of the Masked Avenger Limited Foil Die-Cut Cover (including ebook, film download, and 8"x10" Zorro art print) and 8 Zorro comics including Zorro: Swords of Hell #1-4 & Zorro Legendary Adventures #1-4! To make the ultimate package - all 8 editions of the hard-to-find collector's covers (worth $80 by themselves!). Also includes the Mark of Zorro Download pdf and 4 Zorro Kickstarter Promo Cards! In all this is a $190 value package!

INCLUDES: Deluxe Edition of The Mark of Zorro: 100 Years of the Masked Avenger Hardcover- Foil Die Cut Dust Jacket (including ebook, film download, and 8"x10" Zorro art print), Digital PDF Download Copy of Mark of Zorro Art Book, and Exclusive Uncut Set of 4 Zorro KS Cards


(W) James Kuhoric

(GD)  Jason Ulmeyer


A must-have for the Zorro fan! This limited-edition hardcover comes with an exclusive foil emblazoned dust jacket, die-cut with Zorro's trademark "Z" to reveal a visual history of Zorro on the cover beneath! The cover itself is an amazing collage of classic comic book and pulp cover art that celebrates the enduring heart and legend of Zorro. Other special features of this edition include a frameable 8" x 10" reproduction of rare classic Zorro art, perfect for framing, exclusive digital download codes for the original Zorro novel, "The Curse of Capistrano" by Johnston McCulley, and a download of the original Zorro film, "The Mark of Zorro," featuring Douglas Fairbanks!  Celebrate Zorro's centennial with a massive collector's tome of riches including rare art from Zorro pulp publications, film, television, comics, animation, and pop culture! The Mark of Zorro 100 Years of the Masked Avenger is a beautifully crafted love letter to the storied history of one of the most enduring heroes ever to grace popular culture. Zorro rides again with a wonderful collected edition celebrating the rich history and current exploits of Johnston McCulley's iconic hero. From his inception in 1919 to the thriving fan following in 2019, this volume treats readers to a reverent romp through a century of masked heroics. This edition is perfect for new and old Zorro fans and is arriving in October for the holiday gift giving season.


Available in October

Kickstarter $99 Package Mark of Zorro: 100 Years of the Masked Avenger Art Book



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