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Gunhand #1 McClain Jr Var Cvr

(W) Marty Grosser, Matthew Plog

(A) Matthew Plog

(CA) Barry McClain Jr


*Scarce issue - Printer lost 1/2 the print run.

Picking up roughly 100 years after Mary Shelley's legendary novel of science gone awry, the immortal monster created by Victor Frankenstein finds himself transported from the icy waters of the North to New York, circa 1888. Awakening in the hold of a steamship, the monster is attacked and loses his right arm at the elbow to a crewman's axe. The monster flees into the sprawling city, where chance-and dark magicks-will ultimately give the monster the upper hand: A magical arm that will fight him at every turn and drag him across America on a wild and weird journey filled with action, drama, humor, and horror! And 3,000 miles away, in the Golden State, the arm's masters call its owner home, unaware of the change in ownership that has occurred. The GunHAND is the first original comics series created by PREVIEWS Editor Marty Grosser, masterfully illustrated by Matthew Plog, artist of Brilliant Enterprise's Kent Menace!


Available in May

Gunhand #1 McClain Jr Var Cvr

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