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Don McGregor's Zorro Flights #3 Main Cvr

(W) Don McGregor

(A) Claudio Avella

(CA) Miriana Puglia


King Sized 48 Page Conclusion!


Comics legend Don McGregor returns to Zorro for the first time in over 15 years to deliver an incredible high flying story that takes Zorro literally into the sky!  Join us for an incredible ride as one of the biggest names in comics delivers a timeless tale of action and adventure in classic Zorro style!  This is one of the most anticipated Zorro stories of this century! Available with three covers - Main by Miriana Puglia, Classic Variant featuring timeless Zorro art of yesteryear, and a fabulous limited-edition photo cover!


Shipping in September

Don McGregor's Zorro Flights #3 Main Cvr

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