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Monster Men Isle Of Terror #1 Century 1/100 Ltd Ed Variant Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer

(A) Roy Allen Martinez

(C) Enrich Torres


The Century Edition is the rarest of all covers!  Limited to only 100 copies printed!


This limited edition features an incredible archival painting by legendary illustrator Enrich Torres!  Only 100 copies of this edition exist!  Get it slabbed by your favorite grading company!

The next exciting chapter in the saga of the man-made creature Number Thirteen begins! Having escaped captivity within the British military compound on the tropical island of Professor Maxon, Townsend Harper, Jr., and Virginia Maxon have every intention of sailing away from the island and never revealing the secrets of the scientific experiments being conducted there... Experiments into the creation of human life. But things are about to take an even darker and more deadly turn, as the nightmarish creations of Professor Vogel have also escaped, and now prowl the jungle in search of human flesh! The couple's only hope for survival is Otto, the hulking man-monster once called Number Thirteen, but can they trust a creature with the mind of a child and a face so hideous that we can't even reveal it? Find out in this blockbuster, action-packed first issue, written by Mike Wolfer and illustrated by Roy Allan Martinez.

Shipping in March

Monster Men Isle Of Terror #1 Century 1/100 Ltd Ed Variant Cvr

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