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Casper's Spooksville #3 Main Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer, Rodolfo Mutuverria

(A/CA) Eric Shanower


Casper's incredible, outer space adventure continues! Hot on the trail of the aliens who stole their beloved belongings, Casper, Wendy, Hot Stuff, and Spooky track the aliens to an arid, ancient Egypt-like world of upside-down pyramids, bizarre inhabitants, and the biggest, meanest, outer space dragon you've ever seen! Then, Wendy tries to help an injured little bird, but an errant magical spell transforms it into a gigantic "Jurassic Lark!" All this, plus a classic reprint story can be found in Casper's Spooksville #3!


Shipping in March

Casper's Spooksville #3 Main Cvr

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