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Casper's Spooksville #1 1/350 Ltd Ed Retro Animation Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer

(A) Eric Shanowar 


This super limited edition of Casper's Spooksville #1 is limited to just 350 copies!


 It's a brand-new, monthly Casper series featuring all of your favorite pals: Hot Stuff, Wendy, Spooky, The Ghostly Trio, and of course, Casper! Written and illustrated in the classic Harvey Comics style, these hilarious stories are perfect for introducing kids to comics, and will thrill nostalgia fans! CASPER'S SPOOKSVILLE #1 features "Sneak Thieves from Outer Space" by Mike Wolfer and Eisner Award-winning artist Eric Shanower, the first part of a four-part continuing story, a first for a Casper comic! Next, Hot Stuff has a cursing problem in "One Bad Apple," also by Wolfer and Shanower, then Todd Clark and Rodolfo Mutuverria deliver "Fools Gold," featuring that tuff little ghost, Spooky!  All this, plus one classic reprint story! CASPER'S SPOOKSVILLE #1 comes with three covers - Main by Eric Shanower, "Spook the Moon" by Jeff Scherer, and a nostalgic Retro Animation Limited Edition Cover!


This super limited edition of Underdog & Pals is even rarer than Commander McBragg is humble!  Limited to just 350 copies, you'll be hopping over the zoo wall with Tennessee and Chumley to get it graded!


Shipping in June

Casper's Spooksville #1 1/350 Ltd Ed Retro Animation Cvr

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