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Carson of Venus / Warlord of Mars #1 Mesarcia Warriors Cvr

(W) David Avallone

(C/A) Cyrus Mesarcia


Join us for an epic crossover as two of Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic sci-fi properties collide in this once-in-a-lifetime event! Carson Napier and John Carter find themselves embroiled in an alien scheme that pits them against a veritable army of deadly warriors, killer robots, and vile villains. With only their wits and skills to guide them, the unlikely partners face death on an unknown world far from their adapted home worlds. Fantasy and science fiction combine with incredible action and adventure to deliver the ERB event of the year! Carson of Venus / John CarterWarlord of Mars: The Princess in the Tower #1 is available with three covers - Main Cover by legendary comic artist, Michael Kaluta, Warriors Cvr by interior artist Cyrus Mesarcia, and Limited Edition 1/350 Character Design cover also by Mercia!  

Shipping in June

Carson of Venus / Warlord of Mars #1 Mesarcia Warriors Cvr

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