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Carson of Venus: Eye of Amtor #2 1/350 Ltd Ed Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer, Christopher P. Carey, Matt Betts

(A) Mike Wolfer

(A/CA) Vincenzo Carratu


Limited Edition 1/350!

The official comics prequel to Matt Betts' upcoming Edgar Rice Burroughs Universe novel "Carson of Venus: Edge of All Worlds" continues! With their friends held captive by a ruthless king, Carson and Duare have embarked upon a mission to collect the raw materials to build a telescope for the mad ruler... But those raw materials can only be found in the most dangerous locations across wild Amtor (Venus). It's an edge-of-your-seat thrill-ride as Carson and Duare race against the clock and face some of the most savage creatures imaginable in the opening story by Matt Betts and Mike Wolfer, gorgeously illustrated by Vincenzo Carratu. Then, the adventure of explorers Jason Gridley and Victory Harben at the Earth's core continues in the tale "Pellucidar: Dark of the Sun," by novelist Christopher Paul Carey and artist Mike Wolfer! Carson of Venus Eye of Amtor #2 is available with two covers - Main by Vincenzo Carratu and a limited edition 1 in 350 Pulp cover, also by Carratu.

Shipping in August

Carson of Venus: Eye of Amtor #2 1/350 Ltd Ed Cvr

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