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Bombshell & TommTomm #4 Sparacio Main Cvr

(W) Mark Sparacio

(A/CA) Mark Sparacio


This issue has it all! Nazi spy Klaus Von Bader and a Todesbot, a Nazi death-machine robot attempt to steal a rare artifact from the Temple Church in Bristol, England to give as a gift to the Nazi's "new friends" who will be arriving at the Ahnenerbe's archaeological dig at theTemple of Bacchus in Baalbek, Lebanon after a very long journey. Meanwhile in Dresden, Germany, Nazi Scientist Hermann Oberth and Professor Ulrich Bergmann are shocked to observe the temporal test results of their wonder weapon creation, "Die Glocke". In Amesbury, England, MI-5 Scientist Professor Graham Rockwell has been performing a dissection/examination of the destroyed Nazi Todesbot from last issue and has come up with some incredible findings ... Oh, and Bombshell has a frightening first encounter with the Nazi's latest wonder weapon the "Haunebu". We told you this issue had it all! Bombshell and TommTomm! Just like the comics you used to love to read!

You won't be disappointed!


Available in May

Bombshell & TommTomm #4 Sparacio Main Cvr

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