Beware the Witch's Shadow: Happy New Fear #1 Calzada Risque Cvr (MR)

(W) Jason Pell, James Kuhoric

(A) Rich Bonk, Dan Parson

(A/CA) Puis Calzada


This edition is for Mature Readers.

Journey deep into the woods where the witch dwells for new stories of greed and gluttony. Here insider her hovel you will be entertained with tales of the macabre before she devours your soul. In this special New Year's issue, Jason Pell delivers a story about the horror over your shoulder in "Eyes Up Here." And horror scribe James Kuhoric delivers the first chapter of a new slasher's tale in "Hollow Eyed Jack." Plus a bonus story of Cthulian horror on the salty sea called "What Lies Beneath" by Kuhoric and Dan Parsons. Horror in the tradition of the B&W monster mags of yore awaits you in Beware the Witch's Shadow! Beware the Witch's Shadow is available with three covers - Main by Puis Calzada, Graveside by Interior Artist Richard Bonk, and a Risqué cover also by Calzada.


Shipping in February.

Beware the Witch's Shadow: Happy New Fear #1 Calzada Risque Cvr (MR)



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