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American Mythology Monsters Vol III #1 Digital PDF Edition

(W) Glenn Moane, S.A. Check, Konstantine Paradias

(A) Ev Cantada, Horacio Domingues, Jorge Pacheco

(CA) Ken Haeser, Buz Hasson


This is a digital PDF edition of American Mythology Monsters Vol 3 #1


This is a Mature Readers Title. 


It's baaaaaack!   The mature readers horror series that redefines classic monsters and legends for today's sophisticated horror audience.  Three brand new creatures are reborn in these blood drenched pages with the help of some terrifyingly talented creators! In "Mother Sleepless" a strange cult promises to return dead children to those willing to pay the ultimate price.  And beware the devil's doppelganger in a new twisted tale called "The Heartbreak".  The last stop is murder town when you are a passenger on the bloody tracks of "Hell On Board".  Three new terrifying tales that will delight the maniac within!  Join for another installment of American Mythology Monsters!  This issue comes with three covers - Main by legendary comic artist Neil Vokes, Racy variant by the Corpse Crew team of Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser, and a special Century Edition limited to just 100 copies!  

American Mythology Monsters Vol III #1 Digital PDF Edition

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