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American Mythology Monsters Book III #2 Main Cvr

(W) Glenn Moane, S.A. Check, Konstantine Paradias

(A) Ev Cantada, Horacio Domingues, Jorge Pacheco

(CA) Neil Vokes


This is a Mature Readers Title.


The series where creators reimagine classic monsters for the 21st century is back for our third volume of original tales of terror!  This issue keeps the horror train running with new installments of "Mother Sleepless," "The Heartbreak," and "Hell On Board!"   Join for another frightening issue of American Mythology Monsters!  This issue comes with two covers - Main by legendary comic artist Neil Vokes and a Racy Mermaid variant by the Corpse Crew team of Buz Hasson and Ken Haeser!  


Available in March

American Mythology Monsters Book III #2 Main Cvr

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