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AM Archives Zorro Dell Four Color #960 Main Photo Cvr


(A) Alex Toth

(C) Photo


Timeless Zorro stories by the master illustrator, Alex Toth, are back!  These tales have been out of print for almost 50 years and they are beautiful tales of swashbuckling heroics as only the Masked Avenger can deliver!  Come with us on a full 32 pages of classic tales including "The Eagle's Brood" and "The Visitor" which pit Zorro against the villains of the Old West.  These stories are still exciting today and this is the only way to read them without dropping big bucks on an original copy.  Enjoy the best of Zorro's adventures in this new Archive issue from your friends here at American Mythology!  This issue comes with two covers - a Main color photo cover featuring the one and only Guy Williams as Zorro and a special Limited-Edition 350 copy black & white Zorro photo cover from the archives!


Shipping in October

AM Archives Zorro Dell Four Color #960 Main Photo Cvr

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