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AM Archives The Three Stooges 1961 Dell #6 Digital PDF Ed


(W) Carl Fallberg

(A) Joe Messerili

(CA) Photo


This is a Digital PDF Edition.


It's the first full Three Stooges issue published by Dell / Gold Key back in 1961!  Issues #1-5 were part of the Four Color Comics line stretching from 1959 - 1961.  But in September of 1961 The Boys received their first fully dedicated issue of The Three Stooges Comics from Dell!  This wonderful issue features a classic photo cover of Moe, Larry, and Curly Joe practicing dentistry The Three Stooges way!  Inside are four long lost stories - "Football Phonies", "Biceps Battle", "Outsmarted Smarty", and "The Haunted Ferryboat!  Plus one page gags and all the slaps and eye pokes you expect from your favorite Stooges!  This comic is chock-fulla classic funnies!  



It's Christmas with The Three Stooges! The holidays are a time to enjoy with family and friends. And if your friends are knuckleheads, you know the kind of slapstick hijinks they can get up to! Join Moe, Larry, Curly, and even Shemp with tales that will fill your Christmas with chuckles and your Hanukah with hilarity! In this issue our own Stooge-tastic story tellers have The Boys as guardian angels, screwing up Santa's assembly line, and even celebrating with their first Hanukah tale! It's a Three Stooges milestone in their storied career! So, hang your stocking with care, because you never know when Shempy Claus is coming to town! The Three Stooges Stocking Stuffer is the perfect holiday gift for Dad and comes with four covers - Main by Philip Murphy, Painted Variant by Jorge Pacheco, Color Photo, and Limited Edition Black & White Photo Cover!

AM Archives The Three Stooges 1961 Dell #6 Digital PDF Ed

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