Underdog Have No Fear Trade Paperback

(W) S.A. Check, Pat Shand, Batton Lash, James Kuhoric

(A) Bill Galvan, Matt Hansel, Adrian Ropp

(CA)  John Gallagher

American Mythology's triumphant return of everyone's favorite canine hero, Underdog is here! Return with us to the age of cereal and Saturday morning cartoons with all-new comic adventures! Today's creators spin brilliant new tales for a beloved character that defined their childhood. Join Shoeshine, Poly Purebred, and a rogues gallery of dastardly villains as we journey to a time when cartoons had heart and humor. Have no fear, Underdog is here! This volume collects American Mythology's Underdog #1-4, Underdog 1975, and Underdog Free Comic Book Day 2017 along with a beautiful cover gallery and behind the scenes extras.


Shipping in November

Underdog Have No Fear Trade Paperback