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Zorro Sacrilege #4 Digital PDF Edition

(W) Mike Wolfer

(A) Mauricio Melo

(CA) Roy Allen Martinez


This is a digtial PDF download edition.


The explosive conclusion to ZORRO: SACRILEGE is here! Faced with the prospect of either exorcising the possessed inhabitants of the town or killing them all to free their souls, Zorro must sacrifice everything to destroy the evil once and for all! This is blazing supernatural action like you have never seen before as a legendary hero must face the very legions of Hell! ZORRO: SACRILEGE #4 comes with three covers: Main and Variant by Mike Wolfer, and a 350-copy Limited Edition B&W "Visions of Zorro" cover, also by Wolfer.



Zorro Sacrilege #4 Digital PDF Edition

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