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The Robonic Stooges #3 Shanower Main Cvr

(W) S.A. Check, Jordan Gershowitz

(A) Philip Murphy, Jorge Pacheco

(CA) Eric Shanowar

The Saturday Morning Cartoon Revival Continues!  The Robonic Stooges are back and fans have responded with a resounding Nyuk Nyuk to the Nyuk!  They've already saved the planet from the world-devouring Oreganose, and the subterranean terror known as MoleShemp! But now The Boys must face their greatest challenge yet when they're thrust into a pastry-fueled post-apocalyptic future filled with a threat so dark, so vile, its name is only mentioned in whispers - The Shempinels - featured in "Days of Dunderheads Past" and an added special behind the scenes training tale in "Dangerously Stupid"!  The Robonic Stooges #2 Fantastic Fools is available with three covers - Main by Eric Shanower, Animation Cel Variant, and a 350 copy Limited Edition Black & White collector's variant!


Available in December



The Robonic Stooges #3 Shanower Main Cvr

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