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THE GRUNCH #1 MAIN 100 Copy Ltd Ed Century CVR

(W) S.A. Check, James Kuhoric

(A) Claudio Avella

(CA) Puis Calzada

This limited edition features the awesome raw black & white virgin art of Puis Calzada's homage cover image!  Only 100 copies of this edition exist!  Get it slabbed by your favorite grading company!


The woods are alive with the sound of Evil!  Straight from the pages of the swampy legends of the Louisiana bayou comes a new generation of terror with BITE!  The Grunch!  Part twisted human part ghastly beast and all teeth and hunger!  Come along with your tour guide, Johnny Detour, and his band of misfit vloggers as they delve deep into the murky myths surrounding the murderous brood! Finding the carnivorous clan is only half the battle.  Getting out alive is the real trick.  Don't turn out the lights, Brudder!  The Grunch are having YOU for supper!  The Grunch #1 comes with three covers - Main by horror maestro Puis Calzada and variants by interior artist Claudio Avella and the Corpse Crew Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson!


Shipping in April 2022

THE GRUNCH #1 MAIN 100 Copy Ltd Ed Century CVR

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