(W) S.A. Check, Todd Livingston (

A) Diego Tapie, Jazz dela Cuesta


Get on board with a truly rare gem - this first ever Pink Panther vs The Inspector issue is limited to a meager 350 pieces and is a perfect book for your favorite grading company.  Get it before its gone!  


The Inspector has been on the trail of the Pink Panther since the original movie in 1963. At last, this long-standing game of cat and mouse gets the full spotlight in a Pink Panther special issue! Join us for classic cartoon capers that will take you back to your childhood with slapstick humor and hilarious hijinks. Pink Panther VS The Inspector #1 comes with four covers - Main "Which Way?" Cover, "Pink Hijinks" by Jacob Greenawalt, "Classic Pink" by Bill Galvan, and 
"Retro Animation" Retailer Incentive.

Shipping in May

Pink Panther vs The Inspector #1 Retro Animation RetaiIer Incv Cover 1/350

$10.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price

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