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Pink Panther Snow Day #1 Pink HiJinks Cover (Pre  Order)

Cover: Jacob Greenawalt

Writer: S.A. Check, Adrian Ropp

Art: Bill Galvan, Adrian Ropp

It’s a blizzard outside! But this isn’t a whiteout; it’s a “pinkout!” We’re home from school today and scaring up some winter fun with everyone’s favorite Pink Panther. How much trouble can your favorite cool cat get into on a snowy day? Whether it’s dumping The Little Man in a frozen lake or confounding The Inspector, the Pink Panther has new hijinks that will make you laugh out loud! Get your winter coat and mittens; it’s time for a Pink Panther Snow Day! Main Wraparound cover by Adrian Ropp, Pink HiJinks cover by Jacob Greenawalt, Classic Pink cover by Bill Galvan, and a special Retro Animation Premium Cover.

Shipping in February

Pink Panther Snow Day #1 Pink HiJinks Cover (Pre Order)

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