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Adam Green's HATCHET #2 Mangum Peek-A-Boo Cvr

(C) Greg LaRocque

(W) James Kuhoric

(A) Andrew Mangum


Flashback to 1985 - parachute pants, these new things called CDs, and slasher flicks are all the rage!  A group of unsuspecting and rather dimwitted actors are making a new horror movie, "Hatchetface Lives," deep in Honey Island Swamp.  Now they are face to face with the real Victor Crowley and no amount of sexs, drugs, or rock n roll will save them from a gruesome death.  This is Adam Green's American slasher classic with all new tales of terror!  HATCHET #2 comes with three covers - Main Massacre by Richard Bonk, No Mercy by Greg LaRocque, and a Gore Cover by interior splatter artist Andrew Mangum.  


Shipping in January

Adam Green's HATCHET #2 Mangum Peek-A-Boo Cvr

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