Zorro Galleon of the Dead #2 1/350 Ltd Ed Pulp Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer

(A) Alex Miracolo

(CA) Mike Wolfer


This edition is more limited than lost Spanish treasure on a shipwrecked galleon! Yo-ho! Yo-ho! Get this graded and it will be the gem of your comic book booty.


Zorro's most mind-bending, supernatural adventure continues! The terrifying fiend known as El Hijo del Muerte has made himself known as the villain behind the abduction and sacrifice of the residents of a sleepy, Alta California fishing village, but nothing can prepare Zorro for the horrors that await aboard Muerte's ghost ship, the "Galleon of the Dead!" The swashbuckling hero will have to survive a swim through zombie-infested waters if he hopes to stop Muerte and unravel the curse of Cueva del Mar, but the answers to Zorro's questions will only lead him further into the realm of terror and madness! Lucha libre action meets sword-swinging thrills, all wrapped in a gothic horror setting that's not for the faint of heart!


Shipping in October

Zorro Galleon of the Dead #2 1/350 Ltd Ed Pulp Cvr