Rocky & Bullwinkle Show #3 Main Ropp Cvr

(W) Todd Livingston

(A) Jacob Greenawalt, Jorge Pacheco

(CA) Adrian Ropp


Want to read some great all ages comics? Don't wait for Mr. Peabody to tell you, check out The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show #3! Its chock-full'a intelligent and clever stories that amuse, entertain, and tickle your funny bone. Remember when cartoons were smart and satirical? Join Moose and Squirrel on a way-back trip to a slapstickier era! Now, come watch us pull a rabbit out of this hat! The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show comes with three covers - Main & Peabody & Sherman Covers by Adrian Ropp and a Retro Animation Retailer Incentive Edition.


Available in August

Rocky & Bullwinkle Show #3 Main Ropp Cvr