Pink Panther Presents The Ant & The Aarvark #1 Main Cvr

(W) Mike Wolfer

(A/CA) Jeff Scherer


Everyone's favorite odd couple of cartoons step into the limelight for the first time!  Join us for the crazy escapades of Ant and the relentless Aardvark in "The Mad Lab" - the Aardvark thinks that he has the Ant trapped in the basement of a spooky, old house, but the tables will be turned on him when he finds that he's actually stumbled upon the laboratory of a mad scientist!  And in "Over and Under," the Ant has found the perfect refuge from the hungry Aardvark- a military base surrounded by an electric fence. But modern technology won't stop a hungry Aardvark, who devises one scheme after another to get over and under that fence!  Pink Panther Presents: The Ant & The Aardvark #1 comes with three covers - Main Ant Flavored & Blue Hippy Covers by Jeff Scherer, and a Flashback Animation Limited Edition Cover!

Shipping in August

Pink Panther Presents The Ant & The Aarvark #1 Main Cvr